What We Do

How long would you like to spend in the dark, telling me how it feels to be in the dark?

When shall we look for the light switch?


The Grove Clinic offers a private and confidential service for clients who wish to improve or maintain their mental and emotional health.

Experienced and compassionate psychotherapists and counsellors provide support and therapy, utilising the best techniques from the Human Givens approach, cognitive behavioural therapy, person-centred therapy and brief solution-focused therapy.  We also use clinical hypnotherapy where appropriate.

We regularly and successfully treat depression, anxiety, addictions, sleep problems, panic attacks, OCD, PTSD, eating disorders, stress, and many more.  However, we do not treat problems – we treat people, and our approach is about educating and enabling our clients so they may better get their emotional needs met. See the treatment page for further useful information..

Avoiding psycho-babble and labels, skilled therapists will help you to quickly feel better, and identify exactly where your own emotional needs are not being met.  We will then help you to design and build a life which will ensure a firm foundation for your own emotional well-being and good mental health.

Each of us is born with a powerful set of tools which we use to seek out and satisfy our needs for emotional nourishment.  If those needs are being met in healthy,  balanced and sustainable ways it is very much easier to maintain good emotional health.  However, if that guidance system is not properly programmed, or if it has been damaged in some way, perhaps through trauma or poor skills development, it will be difficult to build a firm foundation for emotional well-being.  Really good therapy will address those issues, quickly and effectively.

You may also wish to check out our blog for the occasional article on matters of interest to do with the mind, and anything else which we believe you will find interesting.