Corporate Work

Most informed and responsible employers have programmes in place to help their most valuable resource, their people, to thrive in the workplace, and in their everyday lives.

Our own wealth of experience in corporate bodies and organisations, at senior level, enables us to take a pragmatic approach to employee wellness programmes, which have proven to be effective and beneficial.  We will help you to avoid the pitfalls of stressed people and stressed organisations.  We will ensure you are, as far as possible, immune from action by disgruntled employees who have become emotionally unwell.  We will help them and the organisation to reach their full potential by building a firm foundation for emotional health.

There is a clear and measurable benefit in taking a proactive approach to emotional health at work through the implementation of a simple, cost-effective employee wellness initiative.

Below are a few kind words from companies and organisations where we have been able to help to improve the well-being of the organisation.

Just for the record, out of 472 employees we had a very high number of smokers, 211, a lot for this day and age……….. eight months down the line and we have a much healthier workforce with only 57 still smoking……… and we’ve had reductions in our company medical insurance scheme contribution of 22%………. Galleon’s Reach Publishing Ltd.

John, thank you for resolving what had become a very difficult situation with those few of our employees.  You taught us how to handle difficult people and the right way to make ‘em part of the team……….. Cal Chico Sear Inc.

Our partners in the production line have responded well to the new ideas you brought to us. Your training days with the floor managers have changed the whole mood and culture, and that has lifted our bottom line way past our expectations.