Most of these links are to web sites which will give you further information about psychotherapy and hypnotherapy. I have also put links to web sites which I have found interesting and useful.

A greater and deeper understanding of the link between sleep, dreams, anxiety and depression.

Of the many different philosophies of psychotherapy the Human Givens is the first real ‘school’ based on scientific principles.  I use the Human Givens psychotherapeutic approach in my practice.

Further information about the Human Givens approach to psychotherapy, along with a full listing of psychotherapists in your area.

This is the leading body which governs and maintains a register of qualified hypnotherapists. They make sure I operate within their Code of Ethics and they check every year that I have proper indemnity and liability insurance.

The General Hypnotherapy Standards Council – the governing body for standards in my profession, and they saw fit to award me the Senior Qualification in Hypnotherapy practice.

A unique, simple and effective way to improve your own emotional health in just five minutes a day.

The web site of clinical hypnotist, Barry Thain. He thinks differently to many hypnotherapists, and I like his ‘no nonsense’ approach.  He has some original ideas and seems to apply himself to his patients’ problems with compassion.

Hypnotherapy practitioners in the UK and Ireland, and a free listing for hypnotherapists.

The web site of the Chiropractic and Massage Clinic in Guernsey.  I used to share consulting rooms there with a couple of really professional people, Guthrie Steer and Mark Griffin.

Great flowers grown here in Guernsey and posted to any address in the UK or The Channel Islands.